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Language : Greek
Publication Date : December 2023
Page Count : 313

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Ten Lanterns book – Light Your Way—Lighten Your Pain

A story has endured the darkness for half a century. A single match is enough to light up a dark room that hasn’t seen light for years. The match will fuel the branch, the branch will ignite the log, and the fire will heat the room and our hearts. “Story or fairytale, truth or fantasy, fiction or non-fiction”, the mind asks curiously. “What difference does it make? What really matters is what has been awakened inside you and what you are going to do about it”, the heart replies.

In Ten Lanterns, author Evagoras Evagorou describes a story rooted in Florence in 1470 and shares the quest for personal transformation that he began in 1993—an experiential journey of three decades inspired by thousands of hours of training and coaching executives and employees. Freeing your body and soul from pain requires a journey to the illuminating stations of your life, something that requires breaking the boundaries of time and space. At the final station, the last route will light the way, and all will become clear.

This spiritual memoir tells the story of a man who managed to light the way and lighten the pain with his family’s spiritual heritage and can teach you how to do the same by lighting the Ten Lanterns, one by one.

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